Ilyssa Walker

Development & Production Coordinator

Originally from Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Ilyssa went to Emerson College where she studied Writing for Film and Television.  She began her career in talent management at Parallel Entertainment in Los Angeles, where she worked with standup comedians and developed content for MTV and the Blue Collar Comedy brand. From there she went on to work exclusively in literary management at Primary Wave Entertainment, helping writers and directors get staffed and pursue their own projects. 

Ilyssa joined OBB Pictures in 2017 as the Executive Assistant to Michael D. Ratner. She quickly grew into her current role of Development & Production Coordinator where she facilitates preproduction and production of OBB’s projects.  Additionally, Ilyssa coordinates OBB team events, oversees OBB’s Volunteer Day Initiative, and helps run OBB’s internship program.

Ilyssa’s greatest accomplishment to date is adopting a tuxedo cat named Clooney. Everyone who has met him, from her mom to Terrence Howard, wholeheartedly agrees that he lives up to his namesake as the most handsome and charismatic cat you'll ever meet.

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