Elias Tanner

Creative & Brand Strategy Executive

Elias Tanner is the Creative & Brand Strategy Executive at OBB Pictures, where he manages the strategy around the company's brand and works as a creative director in development and production, alongside his role as a producer with the company. Most recently, Elias has taken the reigns of OBB's expansion into scary, overseeing the company’s genre slate and playing a key role in assembling and overseeing the company's strategic partnership with Blumhouse backed Crypt TV.

Originally hailing from Philadelphia, Elias has studied and worked all over the world, including the University of Pennsylvania, the London School of Economics, the University of Cape Town and Beijing University. No matter his place on the globe though, Elias has continued to write, direct and produce…just about everything…from sci-fi thrillers and psychological horror films, to architectural photography books, to public radio documentaries, to a digital comedy series about making a digital comedy series.

Unfortunately, after leaving school Elias headed to New York, where he spent a couple year stint as an evil corporate lackey, working at the country’s top corporate crisis management communications firm. Thankfully, the prodigal son eventually returned to his rightful place in the film world, moving to LA and joining OBB, where he focuses on expanding the company’s dramatic slate, and skewing comedy projects as dark as possible. If Elias isn’t pursuing his slavish devotion to film and television, he can be found running through the Italian market, shadowboxing a frozen veal flank, or crushing a quick dozen cannoli for breakfast.

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